The Center for Black, Brown, and Queer Studies (BBQ+) is an independent center that takes as its goal the creation of an alternative research/artistic/activist+ space built on solidarity and generosity, and committed to questions of race, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, citizenship status, and colonialism. BBQ+ is rooted in the mixed and hybrid identities of those living in late capitalism and in this age of post/colonialism. It is focused on decentering the monolithic US-European experience, as well as in understanding how this experience influences dynamics around the world. Here, the “plus” is rooted in our desire to expand our interests and our work to include many more questions beyond the three letters/concerns (Black=critical race theory, Brown=postcolonial and Indigenous theory, Queer=LGBTQ+ studies).

BBQ+ is committed to diversified modes of connection that link participants across the world. As such, almost all our activities will have online components that will be accessible to community members internationally, with some activities taking place only online. The Center is the proud host Cosmologics Magazine and the Ventricles Podcast.

The core community at BBQ+ is composed of fellows. Annual fellowship applications are welcome from everyone from undergraduate through senior scholars, as well as artists and activists both inside and out of the academy. Fellowships provide community members spaces where they will be able to workshop their own emerging work and engage in various intellectual activities, as well as receive mentorship, professional guidance, and mutual support.

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